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Everything — if not more — than your curiosity might seek will be dissected below, in self-important third person. Specifically information about this site's:


Born and raised in Houston, Jonathan Horak left to attend The University of Texas and has lived in Austin ever since.

He enjoys music but can't carry a tune.



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What's the significance of the domain

A domain was desired that would capture the essence of the web, at the time. One that would be just another site on the Internet, amidst the failing dotcoms. Wait one second. How about Alas, that particular domain: taken.

Countless whois queries later, the domain came to mind. Jonathan mulled and questioned those close — apologies Gemma — until it was realized he had finally found what he had looked for.

Sometimes others want to know the location of the author's site. When told, it usually takes a short while for the connotation to register. In their defense, most just aren't on the level of Mr. Horak's genius.

"What's that again?"
After a sigh, "another pointless dotcom."
"Okay, got it: another pointless dotcom."
Pause. "Oh! Jolly, good sir!"
"Do people actually still say that?"

(Breaking third person to speak directly to the people.)
I'm one of many putting personal content to the web. A match in a forest fire. The name "another pointless dotcom" is an attempt to show that I'm comfortable with this.