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The Writings on the Stall

Tuesday, 2002-03-26

the writings on the stall

Recently, in my procrastination efforts, a thought has come into existence, in the midst of my brainstorming, for a website with a different focus: the writings written on stalls. The goal is to eventually build a page that will allow you, the user, to submit pictures of such writings (drawings too) to the site. If you wanted to start now, you can, by sending in a writing using my nice little submit form.

Note: the site is in no way supportive of the destruction of bathroom stalls nationwide. It is however interested in the observation and analyzation of said destruction.

Inaugural Entry
  - Subvert the dominant paradigm.

The Second Entry — Gemma Waterston
  - Is true love ever to be found?
  - Yes. Believe it, and it was so.
  - It is not a question of finding "true love," but one of finding someone whose bullshit you can put up with.
  - False love is not love at all. If you love truly, then it is true love.
  - I'm just looking for someone who doesn't irritate the shit out of me.
  - It seems to me u all fail to recognize love in its pure existence by attempting to define it
  - Love transcends the need for definitive terminology
  - Don't undermine it!!
  - If it transcends the need for definitive terminology, then why are you calling it love?


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