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musique concrete: The picture looks really fabulous. I've never made it to that station either. [see post]

Kamal: It is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, if you're in a rush to catch a just might miss how awesome it really is. On an unrelated note, I think you should include Facebook integration for the toilet stall site. Some of the material on there is priceless. All the best. [see post]

Crystal: Wonderful, beautiful words! [see post]

pegorama: Ever heard of Bach's Flower Essences? I would bet cash money that there is one for exactly this derivative of OCD. [see post]

Angie: Unfortunately, covering the mirror or removing it is only a temporary fix. I've suffered this for years... A great support group I've found through LiveJournal is CSP Support Group. [see post]

abby: hey, i used to do this, i tried everything, all types of drugs, therapy, hypnosis, removing mirrors, wearing gloves etc, finally i tried a practitioner of neural linguistic programming, haven't picked since. (its often called NLP for short if anyone wants to give it a try) [see post]

maria: the ambulatory research center at the university of mn is currently studying the effects of particular amino acids (taken orally) on both compulsive skin picking and trichotillomania. i was unable to get into the skin picking study but did land a spot in the trich study. as of now, i'm not sure; but it IS a double-blind study so i could be on a placebo. others swear by it (n-acetyl cysteine). picking became really problematic for me in high school and has been an issue since. i've found, and had professionals agree with me, that without the help of some form of therapy (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy) nothing will change on a more permanent basis. that said, do what you can to help yourself out. i try to follow the "H.A.L.T." principles of AA--ya know, when you're most likely to relapse (hungry, angry, lonely, tired). good luck to you. [see post]

skinpick: Hi! A new website is out there to help people deal with skin picking: I hope it helps. [see post]

Bettina: Since you are writing about Bach Rescue Remedy, I would recommend Bach Crab Apple, it has a cleansing effect on the skin. Then I would also recommend Neem Facial Treatment, Neem Supercritical and Neem Oil Cream. In addition the Nelsons Acne Gel works wonders. I would say after 6 weeks use that 75% of you will feel like a new person with beautiful skin. If you use OCT07 in the coupon code you get 5% discount. [see post]

dow: ...recently found a focused website on skin picking [see post]

Larry macomber jR: In regards to the comment of 07/20/07, I happen to like Kid Rock so heres another fan to make you shudder!! His music is great and song writing skills also. [see post]

new age film composer: Its sad that people give so little thought to the images they project :( [see post]

sugarfish: Yup! I don't feel like ranting either. There really is no point. I have a similar tale of hypocrisy... There is a parking lot near a bank, near my local Starbucks. In that parking lot there has been (for several months) a car with a very nasty oil leak. It's obviously been abandoned (or as I think of it: left for someone else to worry about). As I was walking by it one day, for about the 20th time, I noticed a rather large "Jesus Loves You" tag hanging from the rear-view mirror. I had the same thought as you. How can anyone call themself a Christian, and then pull crap like this? Y'know, what really makes me angry, is not so much these senseless acts, but it's when 'they' say that I, being a perfectly rational atheist, can't possibly have a moral compass! Yet I wouldn't do that in a million years. [see post]

Drum n Bass: hypocrisy angers me [see post]

Film Composer: Did you tell her so? [see post]

patrice: i LOVE blue october though i have not been a fan for quite as long as you have. recently my brother intriduced me to it and now i am obsessed!! i cant wait till 'foiled' is released either... its been a long wait but well worth it! [see post]

Blue Fan: Is Piper Dagnino still in the band? Will she tour with the band in 2005? [see post]

Wendy L.: I've known Blue October for awhile... I first met Ryan Delahouyse (the violinist) when i started my first restaurant job @ AuntiePasto's. We worked together there, soon after Justin started there as well. They soon after that found Liz who became their Bass player. Jeremy, (Justin's brother) of course on drums. We all became good friends. I used to go to their rehearsals which were sometimes sitting on the grass on his parents frontyard. I'm so happy for them. I miss u guys... WENDY. [see post]

Christina Leah: This might come as a shock but I'm a 30 year old stay at home mother of a 5 year old and for the last 3 years Mudvayne has been my personal favorite rock band in the world. Friends never thought any other band would ever be able to kick them off the pedestal I have them on. But 1 month ago I heard 'Hate Me' on The Buzz and quickly began to weep. After a week a waiting I finally found out the name of the song and the name of the band and have KICKED Mudvayne off the pedestal and replaced them with Blue October. Not only did the lyrics touch me but the whole production in the song was the most passionate and dark song I have ever heard. The words "beautiful pain" and "sinister whimsy" describe my thoughts on the song. I love music that has meaning and great production. Blue October is that band. I still like Mudvayne, but the emotional octane in Justin's voice over Chad's half singing half screaming. I pick Justin any day. And he is pretty damn sexy. [see post]

brittanie: i LoVE blue october... im probly the biggest fan there will ever be! im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to go to there concert! they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo asome to listen to and i could live with listening to them all day and all night! i cant belive they r going to the roseland theatre! im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! well im at school doing this and im going to get i n trouble! [see post]

eliz. s.: This post is included in this week's Best of the Austin Blogs on Austinist. [see post]

Jennifer: I just happened to stumble across your blog. I'm really interested in doing an internship for sxsw, and I was wondering if you could give me any advice. I'm not even sure where to begin, how long the internships last, when they're offered, and all that kinda stuff. Anything you could tell me would be great. Thanks, Jennifer [see post]

Karl-T: Great letter Jonathan. I wish I could be at the session tomorrow but I'm going home to Fredericksburg. Nothing would give me more pleasure than sitting there hot and sweaty after riding down to city hall with helmet in tow and a horrible hairdo to give them an earful. [see post]

paul: I propose a helmet law for walkers on public streets. I'll be willing to bet that hundreds of deaths and serious head injuries occur each year around the nation when people fall while walking. If such a law can save one life, it'll be worth it. :-) [see post]

Seth Johnson: Jonathan, Great letter to the city council. It expresses my thoughts on this topic perfectly. It really bugs me that the Statesman and other media outlets have characterized opposition to the law being motivated by 'freedom'. I didn't hear anyone at the City Council meeting talking about freedom to go helmetless. We were all saying this helmet law was an avoidance of the real problem -- streets unsafe for bicyclists. Seth [see post]

ptw: We've got some two year old sorbet in our fridge you could try. Strawberry. [see post]

paige.c: i totally agree with you. i love coldplay too! their all great and their lyrics are superb, and are not offensive at all. bye bye x paige colplays number 1 fan!! [see post]

Phil Collins: all wars are pointless [see post]

Gemma: i signed it [see post]

Keith Nixon: Dashboard Confessional is the best bad ever! [see post]

dave knetter: What is MTV thinking? [see post]

jt: My father constantly pushes me to matriculate at his old alma mater. [see post]

Olivia-Beth: and this is why I am proud to be a longhorn. :o) [see post]