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Monday, 2002-03-25

granpa's 75th: a family shindig

I really haven't had a reason to post recently. Everything has been going great. Well, I guess I do have a good reason to post: I went home this past weekend for my grandpa's 75th birthday. I am so glad I got to take my sweetie Gemma with me. I told her repeatedly on the way that everyone would love her. Hmmmm. Guess what? They did. I told her before we got there that I would have to tell her "I told you so" and did she believe me? Women. I guess I'll let it slide. Of course I will. I love her so much.

The party was a great success. Why it had to be a surprise party I don't know. Shocking old people can be risky sometimes. But he survived. I'll post some pictures of Gemma and me and various other family group and family member shots later. When I get them from my cousin. Who, by the way has the most adorable kids — Sloan and Benjamin (who I like to call Ben-jammin').


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