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Thursday, 2002-03-28

google plug

I use the Google Toolbar daily for all my web searches. It has countless features. And I use as many of them as I can (because they make life easier). Well, I found something that I had never noticed until today. If you click on the Google logo on the toolbar a menu pops down. What? Hold up a second. I ain't stoopid. I knew that was there. Let me continue. If you then click where it says "About Google Toolbar..." a window pops up such as this one which tells you a little about the version of the toolbar software you have. Blah, blah, blah. What's really cool is the Latin quote in the center that I hadn't seen yet: "De parvis grandis a cervus erit." Small things will make a large pile.

How did I find out what it means? By using Google of course. Haven't used the search engine yet? You should.

Google Toolbar


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