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Saturday, 2002-03-30

tea and puns, with the waterstons

Proper tea is theft.

How's that? The generation that experienced the world between 1939 and the late forties in Northern Ireland knew that tea made from blackthorn leaves and coffee made from dandelion roots or chicory were not the real thing. Ersatz tea simply was not tea. Everybody admitted it. But the inclination to drink tea had become so habitual that, in the absence of actual tea, people were prepared to drink discolored water at the appropriate times.

So where's the pun? The original quote of "All property is theft" was written by Pierre Joseph Proudhon, a philosopher and economist, who wrote "What is Property?"

I never imagined liking hot tea. My entire life I have been an iced-tea type of guy. Funny how tastes can begin to change in college. Scottish Blend isn't the tea of choice yet, but it is when I spend time with Gemma's family. Now I understand what proper tea is all about.


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