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Saturday, 2002-04-06

jester jamfest, 2002

I got to go to Jester Jamfest to check out some bands earlier. Two friends — Dee and Kassi — played huge roles in setting the event up. This coolest part of the happenings were the Bungee Run and Spaceball Gyroscope. Matt got further than I did on the Bungee Run. But he is a big stupidhead. The Spaceball Gyroscope was rickety and rusted. I think my heart actually went into my throat on a couple "gravity defying" spins. Oh, and I won a roll of Longhorn emblazoned gift-wrap. It was the secret "grand prize" of a self-proclaimed emo band. To win it I had to use the same toothbrush that the lead singer used earlier in the show for 43 seconds. What an arbitrary number by the way. Well, that's it.


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