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Thursday, 2002-04-11

on to posting about my shitty day

I understand that everyone has bad days. Today has been one of them. But what bothers me the most is that today was chosen to be rained on. Today is Gemma and my fifth month (every month matters for that first year) anniversary. Well, when I finally get a break to spend some time with my Gemma later today I know she will cheer me up. So don't cry for me, just yet.


2002-04-13 00:57 / Olivia:

Hey JR,
Happy Anniversary! (LOVE TO YOU AND GEMMA!)
I am sorry you had a bad day... Why did you let me keep going on and on about my boring, sad day, when you were having one?
You are such a sweet heart, never thinking of yourself. :)
Well, I hope your day lighten's up (when Gemma comes around, hehe!)
Talk to you soon... Loves, SIS

2002-04-13 03:12 / Gemma:

aw, olivia, youre the nicest

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