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Friday, 2002-04-12

movable type

I transplanted all the posts I had originally blogged using Blogger over to the Movable Type content management system. I would still recommend Blogger to anyone. But I myself had to move it because it was becoming a bit too constraining. And the services I really wanted cost another $50. Pshhh!

Movable Type isn't for the light of heart though. Installation was a chore. And you really need a place you can directly ftp to.

A feature that came with the service: commenting. Leave comments whenever you want. Just know that I will remove any comment I believe to be hurtful to others. As for any criticisms of me or my site, go right ahead. On another note, please comment for any posts that have an invalid link or error.


2002-04-12 22:59 / Jonathan Horak:

Inagural Entry. That's right. I had to be the first.

2002-04-12 23:11 / Rowdy P:

Word. I had to be the second. How ya like them apples?

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