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Sunday, 2002-04-14

what a day

...more like what a yesterday. That's because it is now close to 0100. I stayed up Monday night till 0600 studying for my Economics test. In addition I studied Sunday night. What did my lack of sleep serve? A 60. Yeah, your eyes didn't deceive you. Well, what does this mean for me? Um, I need to whip the final so as to get the coveted 'B' award. That's the other thing: I was poised to get an 'A' before this test.

Until my next chance to complain when we meet again. Hold your horses! Wait a couple days. I'll have one.


2002-04-17 18:08 / Rowdy P:

Here at the University of Texas, we all strive for that illustrious distinction of making a perfect 3.0. Good luck to you buddy!

2002-04-17 18:10 / Jonathan Horak:

I'm doing what I can.

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