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Saturday, 2002-04-20

40 acres fest

Today I got to see my boy Luda. He came down for 40 Acres Fest. It was a tight show. He had The University of Texas bangin', fo' sho. Or at least the West Mall.

I felt for the students passing by with backpacks dragging them down. They should have been partyin' Word of Mouf style.


2002-04-21 15:53 / Gemma:


2002-04-23 00:37 / Rowdy P:

Word up dog! We be pimpin that Ludaow shiznat all up in dis biznatch! My boy Cris was off the hinges, the chain, and the heezay fo sheezay! Where all my skanks at? Why dey at da Word of Mouf revolution, UT Souf Maw style, bia-biatch. We out in the 2 double-o 2, where we keep it krunk like Disturbin Da Peace. Shout out and props to my boy JP, the Machine from the Philipine, and my bubba, the Great White Hype. I'm off like a muh-friggin prom dress, YA MEAN!?!

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