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Thursday, 2002-05-02

singing louder than midtown

Midtown rocked. I enjoyed the show very much so, although the sideliner (Thrice) wasn't to my liking. Hold on. That is a nice way of putting it. Thrice sucked. And their sound setup did as well.

By the time I finally saw Midtown my ears were shot. So for their final song, 'No Place Feels Like Home' (the only one I know all the words to), I sang in what I considered to be a quiet voice. Apparently, I was singing louder than Tyler quoteth the Gemma. At least I couldn't hear my lack of tone.


2002-05-02 16:17 / Olivia:

Hey J,

Rowdy is calling for you. Where are you? I don't ever see you online anymore, either. I miss you too. (In the words of Rowdy P "Sniff-Sniff") Well, I at least hope the concert is as fun as you say it was. (Can you REALLY not hear anything?) Well, just wanted to shout you a Howdy. "HOWDY." Exactly 22 days tell I graduate, and exactly 90 days tell I move up there. WOO-HOO... Tell Gemma "Hi" for me.

Love Ya,
Live (The Sis)

2002-05-02 18:02 / Rowdy P:

School is Almost Out Song, by Rowdy P:
School's almost out,
Let's all scream and shout,
Summer's what I'm all about,
School's almost out.
IIIIIIIIIII love summer,
School's such a bummer.
Soon I won't have to go no more,
Like Gemma says, school is a whore.
whoop whoop

2002-05-05 01:55 / Jonathan Horak:

I'm around.

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