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Tuesday, 2002-05-07

benton arrested

Justice evidently isn't blind. Most people at UT have already heard about how Cedric Benson has been recently arrested on drug charges. But check this article out. What really gets me is the part about a stereo not even being in the apartment. Police claimed they came over because of a noise disturbance from loud music. Sounds (pun not necessarily intended) a bit sketchy to me.


2002-05-07 19:44 / Rowdy P:

My favorite two parts of this story are:
1) that Benson requested a drug-test that he passed.
2) that the police found the marijuana in a purse, and still arrested Benson.
Makes you wonder why some cops would break a window to get into an apartment that has no noise coming from it and arrest UT's freshman sensation only 30 minutes after he arrived at the apartment. I smell a big fat rat.

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