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Sunday, 2002-05-12

moooving on

Man, college is tough. I am not just talking about finals either. They were. But the biggest reason is how people you know enter and leave your life. People who you have made connections with. People who make you feel home and all right. I am talking about how things change and how one thing has changed in particular. My room is now half empty. Rowdy is gone. It's so hard to feel your life change in as little as a week. And all week it was so hard to say my goodbyes to Rowdy. 'Cuz goodbye is forever.

I came out of my Microeconomics final and headed straight to my room, expecting to see my roomie, Rowdy. I bumped into Chris, a Jester West room 1319 local. He told me I missed him by like ten minutes.

Ten minutes. Can you imagine! I put off giving him the hug I wanted to give him. Rowdy grew a lot this semester. And learned a lot about himself and who he truly wants to be in peoples' lives. For the better. I would like to think that my coaching played a very small role in this. And it is because of all this that he will be truly missed.


2002-05-20 13:23 / james:

Jester West, 1424. 1990-92.

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