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Tuesday, 2002-05-14

from 'the princeton review'

Those who don't fit in at Texas A&M or College Station have a tough time. Explains one Aggie, "The first thing I will admit about A&M is that it is very conservative. While most of the students are open-minded about the differences between us, there is a visible group of students who are very close-minded. The one flaw I can point out about A&M is that people of minorities — whether a religious minority, a racial minority, or a minority based on sexual orientation — are not necessarily encouraged to come here by what they see.... Honestly, we are a school of white, heterosexual, Christian students."


"With over 700 student organizations, a first-class student union, and a thriving Greek community, A&M offers just about anything for the student who feels at home in College Station. For those who don't, life can get pretty monotonous. Writes one such student, "Nightlife consists of either going to a country bar, some smoked-filled bar teeming with other guys, going to a party (more beer and guys), or just hauling ass to Austin, Houston, or even Dallas/Fort Worth. For fun I like to dream about this upcoming August when I shall graduate and never set foot here again."


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