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Thursday, 2002-05-16

home, home again

I don't like to be here when I can.

Welp, for those who might have figured it out, the lyrics previous are from Pink Floyd's "Time" (edited to fit my homecoming). If you can gather, it isn't that I am not happy to be home, it is just that I would rather be in Austin with my Gemma. I know I will only be home for a month. And that I will see Mrs. Waterston in about a week. But still...that is a week too long and a month I will spend missing that special someone.


2002-05-16 17:15 / Gemma:

its a shame that i love you so much...cause i miss you a ton too

2002-05-18 15:00 / Olivia:

This sister, he is home with:

I could not wait to see Jonathan, cause I missed him bunchs, and I am MORE happy then anything that he is home, even if he is a "love sick puppy." Giggle......

Olivia (the sis)

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