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Thursday, 2002-05-30

i'll tell you what i'll do with that offer

So, I have been looking for a domain to put my site on. I figured would be nice. So I went to Network Solutions, now owned by VeriSign, to use their whois records search. Basically to find who owns the domain and when it will expire.

I find out that a company is sitting on it. That company is Domain Collections. Just the name makes me mad. They collect domain names? For what purpose? I soon found out by asking for a quote. They want to charge you up the, uh yeah. Their quote for the domain: $1900. At this point I was fuming. So I sent them this email:

Y'all are crackheads if you think I would even consider paying $1900 for a domain. Its companies like yours that take advantage of others. Any other domain would cost me $10 but because y'all are sitting on the one I want I have to succumb? No way. I'll pass.

Their response: "Please, send us your best offer for consideration."

My response to their response: "Blehhhh."


2002-05-30 17:46 / Gemma:

you tell em

2002-05-30 18:53 / Olivia:

Because of stupid companies like that, we can't have matching web names either... BIG COMPANIES ARE NOT COOL! SO right on for what Gemma said... "You tell em"

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