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Monday, 2002-06-24

summer update

This first session of the summer semester has been very difficult. Although I am only taking two classes, Spanish 312k and Physical Science 303k, they are very time consuming. Spanish is now ten times harder than it has ever been for me. That is mainly just because I haven't been dedicating the time to practice the class needs so that I can really learn the language. Before this semester I could find out that I was having a test the day of and do great. That life no longer exists, as far as Spanish is concerned.

As for Physical Science — or as I refer to it when I want to feel all-important: Physics — the class isn't hard at all. It's just the drone of my professor and having the class every day of the week for two hours which frankly wears me out.

If anyone would like to take any of my tests or do my homework without compensation, let me know.


2002-06-24 14:05 / Gemma:

I think you are a star....and you'll kick those classes' asses. And no, I am not biased.

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