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Wednesday, 2002-06-26

harold and maude

I just finished watching Harold and Maude with Gemma, Meredith and Patrick. I liked it very much. I was a little skeptical of it when Meredith first recommended it at Blockbuster, but I must say I more than enjoyed it. Throughout the movie I busted into laughter (much to the chagrin of my viewing friends and my beautiful girlfriend). But regardless, I know that they really liked the movie too. Of course Meredith did, 'cuz she recommended it.

Sometimes when watching movies I wonder why I laugh the way I do. Maybe I wouldn't if I were alone. I guess I just see watching movies as a team sport in many ways. The ball really gets rolling when you have friends who are on the floor rolling as well. Maybe this is why I like being the captain (I mean watching movies with captions).

Wait, that doesn't make sense. But do I ever?


2002-06-26 21:34 / Olivia:

NO, you don't ever make sense... HEHE

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