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Wednesday, 2002-07-17

spanish and physical science

I couldn't believe my eyes earlier today when I logged on to UT Direct to get a grade report for both Spanish and Physical Science (which I just finished last Friday). "I got an 'A' for Spanish 312k. No way?!?!" That was totally out of left-field. I knew I had done well in the class (but I figured only mid to high 'B' range). I was in total shock. The first person I had to wake up was Gemma. Had I had time I probably would've called more people. I guess I didn't want my excitement to run over to my RTF 309 (Radio, Television, and Film) class at 10:00.

I was a little disappointed in myself, however, when I saw a 'B' for Physical Science. I should've got an 'A' in that class. Only that is what happens when you fail to do homework thoroughly. Nevertheless, an 'A' in Spanish! Woohoo!


2002-07-17 16:29 / Gemma:


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