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Wednesday, 2002-07-24

drugs and condoms

College is really a learning experience. Actually, to better phrase that, it is an experience of many experiences that shape what you are to become (whether for the better or worse).

For the past couple months I have been working with my ex-Spanish professor. I say 'ex' because he taught me SPN 506 in the Fall 2001 semester. We haze each other pretty rough. I generally like to mess with people and thus say things in a serious manner so as to confuse them. All in good fun, though. I just like to see how people react to different situations/comments.

Well, one day, Professor Montiel said that he would like to see my room. Mainly because I always brag about how clean of a person I am. I saw this as a perfect situation to pick on the old man (see reference to hazing above). My response was something along the lines of "you need to give me a little advance warning, so I can hide the drugs and condoms that are currently strewn around the room."

He took me seriously, but at this time I had no idea. Fast-forward a couple of days to a mention he made to some people in the lab we work in. Basically, he repeated what I said about my room, in a very serious manner. I told him that what I had said was just a joke. And a look of confusion registered on his face. My practice of deception worked yet again. But little did I know the repercussions.

Every day now, Professor Montiel, various Spanish department employees and I go out to eat lunch. And every day I can expect a crack about my heroin or crack addiction. Now I'm reaping what I've sewn and am taking the hazing that I rightfully deserve (quite a bit).


2002-07-24 23:55 / Olivia:

Well I have known this boy for 18 years of my life. He is my brother, and for a few years he was at boarding school, so I did not get to see him as much BUT, I always knew one thing about him! Be careful what you believe, when he makes a comment on ANYTHING! Cause he is a very sarcastic boy (the Horak's tend to be). So I giggle now and say, "Shame Shame Professor Montiel, you got sucked into one of Jonathan's crazy but funny jokes."

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