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Thursday, 2002-07-25

talks of physics amidst laughter

Turns out I was right. I mentioned what happened yesterday (to me) to the Spanish department folks, that I usually eat lunch with, lunch of course. First, I heard laughter. But what came next should have been expected.

What really bothers me about it all is that I know basic planetary physics. I know that in order for our Moon to crash into the Sun the Moon would have to break gravity with our Earth. So, if such an event were to occur, we probably wouldn't be alive to witness it. Because our planet would most likely be knocked out of whack as well (not even taking into account the distance from the Moon to the Sun).

It is just that at the time of the prank (if that is what it should be called) physics flew out the window. Any logic that I had crashed and burned along with the Moon. So what am I left with besides embarrassment? The feeling that I am an idiot, even though I know I am not.


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