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Saturday, 2002-08-17


I now have six email addresses.

Two of those are site-related. There's janitor [at] the writings on the stall dotcom, where folks can submit whatever they would like to see on The Writings on the Stall, and webmaster [at] another pointless dotcom. The third and fourth are University of Texas accounts.

The other two are personal. I try to not post those addresses online because spambots tend to find them and start sending me junk mail. That doesn't mean you can't contact me though.

I never in my life thought I would have four email addresses. I always thought I would stick to using only my hotmail account. But alas, in my life, anything simplistic must eventually come to an end.

By the way, I used an anti-spam "obfuscator" to encode the addresses above.

Update: Now just making the email addresses human readable, but hopefully not harvestable for spambots].


2002-08-18 01:01 / PILOT:

one time...
i took out a butterfly
and it got stuck to this sunflower,
so i sprayed it with off

and it seemed somwhat happy
until it burned out...

2002-08-18 02:33 / Olivia:

Ha Jon, I got you beat by ONE! I have my yahoo one from my old website. My very first yahoo address. My two hotmail addresses. And my two addresses, then I have a one for Zion Crud!

2002-08-18 20:16 / Jonathan Horak:

I hate to break it to you Olivia, but I have another one that I forgot to mention: (which I had as a result of the information page about UT rallies at geocities.

Try to one up me again and I will think of another. ;)

2002-08-19 08:06 / Olivia:

I can't think of another one, so we are tied. POOP! :-D

2002-08-19 12:54 / Mean Dean:

Ah, yes. Another happy customer of the Mean Dean Anti-Spam E-Mail Obfuscator. Die spam scum ... die !

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