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Monday, 2002-08-19

if this were to happen to me...

Check this except out from a book I am reading called 'New Media Technology' by John V. Pavlik.

"One big Wall Street firm, for example, uses network technology to let its employees know when they've been fired. Rather than sending a pink slip or a letter of termination, an employee who's been let go slowly discovers the truth as they unsuccessfully try to log on to the computer network. First, they think they've mistyped their password, but slowly the realization — and panic — sets in. Soon, they are confronted by the reality that they cannot log on using their password because they've been deleted from the computer system, and from the company payroll."

[Note: the book was published in 1998, and is now somewhat dated. But regardless, I would probably go postal on the IT fool that booted me from the system.]


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