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Tuesday, 2002-08-27

the juliana theory

I saw The Juliana Theory tonite with Gemma and friends. I really really enjoyed the show. Mainly because it put faces to a band that I had yet to see. But what was really the best aspect of the show was that most of the songs I like were played.

The song I was happiest to hear was 'You Always Say Goodnight' which was their closing song. I personally believe the band had to have been influenced by Pink Floyd at some time or another. 'You Always Say Goodnight' is one of the most Pink Floyd-esque songs I have heard to this day (that's a good thing). Since I will most likely never see my favorite band live (in case you haven't guessed yet, Pink Floyd), I am quite happy to see their influence still lives on in shows and music I hear today.

By the way. I was allocated five photos on Kassi's camera. Which means I should post them right after she gets them developed. At which point I shall create another division of my site (dedicated to photos).


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