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Friday, 2002-08-30

trying to get back to normal

Two nights ago I felt very tired, sick, and hungry (not really a good combination, I know). When I got to Dobie to pick up Gemma, I realized I didn't feel so well, so I asked her to drive. On the way back I asked her to stop at a gas station so I could get heartburn medicine. I can generally predict when heartburn is about to strike and I thought it was going to, but I had not been prepared. So I went in for some Rolaids. Turns out I was wrong. No heartburn. Instead, Chinese food and a little dry heaving (which led to a pile of blehhhh on the concrete right outside my car).

Since then I have felt pretty weird (stomach-wise). I can't get full and my stomach constantly hurts. To top all that, my room isn't clean. Can you imagine? Me, Jonathan Russell Horak, living in a clustered, box-on-top-of-box room.

Last nite I finished unpacking and organizing my room. And now I do feel a little better. I did, however, miss RTF this morning (which has me kind of bummed).

Apartment life has been treating me fairly well. But life on the other hand. What a bitch.

Regardless, I do have something to look forward to tomorrow: Texas Football. Hook 'em Horns!


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