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Thursday, 2002-09-19

i really want to post

The only problem is my shoddy Internet connection is holding me back. I tell no lies. And to say I am pissed is an understatement. Jonathan - a connection = insanity. There was no storm the day before yesterday which knocked out quite a few wireless access points here. I don't know where they pulled that lame excuse from. Actually, I do, but I prefer not to say. Another thing that really ticks me off is that you have to capitalize College Park in the address for the link above. Bad web design, although I know that I am nothing special.

Back to topic. I have had so many thoughts that I have wanted to put out there. The next couple of days, or after my connection is back (probably the latter) I will start playing a game called "straining to remember past thoughts and posting them." 'Till then.


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