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Thursday, 2002-09-26


Recently I decided to upgrade to XP. I have had Windows 98 since about 97. Which means I have been using the same operating system for about five years. That is a long time in the world of technology. I guess I never wanted ME (mainly because I heard it was a piece of grade A crap). I did install it over 98 in around November of last year though, and I should have taken other people's word for it.

In upgrading to XP I found myself having two problems. The first was that I couldn't change my color settings. This was a problem because my screen was freakin' bright. I fixed that by using a program called Adobe Gamma (which comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop). The other problem I had was my text was very hard to read. A couple days ago in Technology and Global Community our guest speaker mentioned something about ClearType. The name sounded familiar, but I didn't know how to turn the feature on (it comes with XP). Well, I went to Microsoft's site and found out.

When I converted to ClearType I realized I had entered a whole new world. One without eye strain. I say check it out (only requirements: results are best on LCDs and of course you need Windows XP)...I'm not going without it again.


2002-09-28 02:30 / Gemma:

I started it on my computer. My typing looks mmmm mmmm good. And i heart Jonathan.

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