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Thursday, 2002-10-31

sxsw interactive

One of my best friends (JP, whom I met last summer at UT) had an internship last year at South by Southwest (SXSW). I guess you could say his enthusiasm for the company rubbed off on me. And his excessive use of acronyms. For maybe about half a year I have talked to friends about how badly I wanted to intern at SXSW Interactive. Three weeks ago today I finally gave South by a ring.

After meeting the first two guys I would work with (Hugh and Jason), I met Shawn about a week and a half later. He had been out on his honeymoon, having just recently married. During the "interview" — in quotes because such a word is far too formal for the laid back atmosphere of SXSW — I was told I had the job.

So now I work for SXSW! If you have any interest whatsoever in what I do check out our SXSW Tech Report. It is updated fairly frequently. Now with the help of myself. As of right now, my job is to update Tech Thought, Blog Nation, Web Bizaar, and Road Trips when I am at work and whenever I can.

I am thinking about adding an archive on this site of whatever links or quotes I have provided for the Tech Report. But we'll see if that actually happens. If you happened to wonder what I meant in my last post about my car "providing me a lot of opportunities," well, this is it.

Monday, 2002-10-28 a small cost [ha!]

Having a car seems to be more of a hassle than not having one.

I just took care of a whole bunch of issues with my car insurance. Basically fixing all the problems brought up by not being mailed Geico notices that were sent home [yells: Mom!].

I may moan and complain, but my car is providing me a lot of opportunities that I didn't have last year (to be mentioned in my next post).

Currently, I don't have the money to pay for a monthly insurance payment of around $200. If it weren't for Uncle Sam I'd probably wouldn't be in college. Much less have a place to stay. This isn't a cry for help that my parents to read, though. They have yet to access the Internet. Ever.

Tuesday, 2002-10-22

the metro

So, I have pretty much been very busy the past couple...I don't know...months. There has been definitely a lot that I have needed to get done. But I haven't. I have a lot of schoolwork that I have been putting off that is starting to haunt me. At this point, I am at the UGL struggling to get to work. I must therefore do what I do best. Procrastinate.

In an attempt to overcome my struggles with school I have recently been going to the Metro quite frequently. Mainly with friends. Check out The Writings on the Stall if you don't believe me.

The Metro is a really cool cafe on the Drag. I don't mind spending hours upon hours there. Actually I really enjoy it. No wireless web, though. And people seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are smoking directly in the faces of others. But what can you do...kind of comes with the environment. You know, the type of people that won't play your music because they are too good for all that.

Like I said before I started venting, the Metro is chill. And they do have great coffee (although their prices reflect). It isn't their prices that get me buzzing though — unless buzzing is the new code word for frustration. It takes only a little caffeine to get high, as a I have come to realize.

Friday, 2002-10-18

feeble attempts to find the front of my car

All the time I constantly whine about not being able to park my car straight. From what I gather, it all comes down to knowing the dimensions of the car you are parking, which I don't. And practice.

One day, Drew and Gemma explained to me their method of learning their cars' dimensions. Basically you look at your car's reflection on the rear end of a car in front of you, as you edge closer and closer to it while waiting on a stop light.

I have tried to put this advice to practice. So, every now and again I try their method as I approach a red light. But without fail, I end up behind red cars. Which means I don't see a reflection.

Wednesday, 2002-10-16


So, Texas lost to Oklahoma. Going to Dallas to see the 'Horns lose has become a tradition. And I have only been there to see two of our last three losses. To think: there are plenty of juniors at The University of Texas who have yet to seen a win at the Red River Shootout.

I don't plan to bitch and moan about all this though. I am not a football player. I have no room to talk. To be disappointed, maybe, as I'm a Longhorn and a fan. Regardless, I'll just do the smart thing (be quiet and let the game reports from ESPN read volumes): 1, 2, and 3.

Wednesday, 2002-10-09

second-hand thoughts

Throughout my entire life I have had an affliction. One that my dad passed down: snoring. So I knew I would, as well. But one thing I didn't really know until I moved in with Rowdy (my dormmate freshman year) was that I talked in my sleep.

Well, apparently I sometimes sit up in my sleep and scare the hell out of whoever is in the room with me. Mainly because I speak some gibberish and then fall back down. Never to remember my little speech in the morning.

Gemma told me today that last nite I talked in my sleep once again. Luckily she's a sound sleeper, otherwise I'd probably drive her crazy later on when we move in together.

Although she is the one that recalled what I said — "theres no transitions" — I said it. Therefore, I have discretion as to punctuation. "There's no transitions" is what I intended. You can quote my sleep on that.

The past couple of weeks I have been trying to remember some thoughts that I have been meaning to post here. Turns out I probably never will. But I think that one is the best I will have in a while.

Friday, 2002-10-04

dj shadow

Saw DJ Shadow yesterday. Man. The show was so hype. I couldn't believe I was watching a performer whose music has been the soundtrack of so many incredible times in my life. I got to tell him that too. Probably cheesy flattery in his eyes, but I had to say it.

Talk about chill. And nice. He was standing there leaving cell phone answering service messages like: "Hey, this is DJ Shadow. Sorry you missed [fan's name here]. Leave your number and he/she'll call you back." I wanted him to do the same for me, but I realized I am about to get rid of my VoiceStream lack of service. So I calmed down and had him sign some stuff.