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Tuesday, 2002-10-22

the metro

So, I have pretty much been very busy the past couple...I don't know...months. There has been definitely a lot that I have needed to get done. But I haven't. I have a lot of schoolwork that I have been putting off that is starting to haunt me. At this point, I am at the UGL struggling to get to work. I must therefore do what I do best. Procrastinate.

In an attempt to overcome my struggles with school I have recently been going to the Metro quite frequently. Mainly with friends. Check out The Writings on the Stall if you don't believe me.

The Metro is a really cool cafe on the Drag. I don't mind spending hours upon hours there. Actually I really enjoy it. No wireless web, though. And people seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are smoking directly in the faces of others. But what can you do...kind of comes with the environment. You know, the type of people that won't play your music because they are too good for all that.

Like I said before I started venting, the Metro is chill. And they do have great coffee (although their prices reflect). It isn't their prices that get me buzzing though — unless buzzing is the new code word for frustration. It takes only a little caffeine to get high, as a I have come to realize.


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