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Saturday, 2002-11-30

movable type

Movable Type recently flipped out on me. I think this is partially due to a problem I was having with my webhosting provider. Or possibly an errant file that happened to find its way into my cgi-bin.

Nevertheless, it kept me from posting for a couple days there. So don't be alarmed if you see posts popping up from the past week. Basically, I am trying to fix the problem and post entries I was temporarily journaling outside of Movable Type.

Friday, 2002-11-29

poor aggies

I am not going to rag on the Aggies for their 50-20 loss against the Longhorns. That's not really my style. I might do so in public speech, but I refuse to vilify the Ags in writing.

I'll leave it up to other sources to do so. My bad, that first link was a mistake. Oh well. Nothing we can do about that now, I guess.

Monday, 2002-11-25

hex rally

Last year I was on the Rallies Committee (which is a division of the Texas Exes Student Chapter). I helped organize various rallies including the Hex Rally.

This is why I feel for those that put all their efforts into this year's event. Although I do understand and agree with the reason as to why the gathering was cancelled.

Sunday, 2002-11-24

taste buds

I recently found out that taste buds die. Talk about painful. And sad.

Wednesday, 2002-11-20

astros retro

"Hey, you...yeah, you. Wearing the Astros retro apparel. We get it. You're cool."

Monday, 2002-11-18


My girlfriend bought me a subscription to AdBusters. Damn liberal Canadian magazines. I may be a bleeding-heart liberal (or so others often say to me in a cruel tone) but nevertheless, I can't stand Canadians. Oh well. I guess I'll give them a chance.

Sunday, 2002-11-17

trouble in elgin

So yeah, I got pulled over for the first time today. In Elgin, no less. About thirty minutes from my final destination (Austin). I pulled up on the left side of a cop at a stop light. Of course I was a little nervous, but I tried my best to not be myself. You speeding or illegal traffic violation type stuff. When the light turned green I took off quicker than the officer did and immediately after I saw flashing lights behind me. I said "aww shit" (when in Elgin...) and started to pull over.

When the cop came up to my window it was already down and I had my hands on the steering wheel. [Note: Most wouldn't believe I actually learned something in driver's ed. But I did.] I handed him my license and he went back to his car to run it. He came back and I noticed he was writing a ticket. I honestly didn't think I had done anything wrong. Never would I have guessed that I would be pulled over for not having a front license plate. So that's probably why it happened.

Oh, and my registration sticker was out.

Friday, 2002-11-15

the chief penguin

Linux World: Are you smarter than Bill Gates?
Linus Torvalds: Bill who?

Full goofy interview (here).

Thursday, 2002-11-14

our current king of pop

Michael Jackson. Wow. That is all I can say.

Monday, 2002-11-11

one year anniversary (ends)

My one year anniversary with Gemma ends. Don't ask why it is split over the course of two days. Its complicated. The complication has a cute story, maybe to be explained later.

P.S. I love Gemma!

Sunday, 2002-11-10

one year anniversary (begins)

My one year anniversary with Gemma begins.

Wednesday, 2002-11-06


I'm all about the initiatives of the Green Party. A grassroots movement that tries to combat the evil ways of Big Business is totally cool with me. I'm for corporate regulation. I don't honestly understand how a company can overlook the environment for the sake of squeezing every bit of profit it can out of production.

For a second, this post was going to be a bashing of the Green Party. Mainly because I saw that "respect for diversity" came in at number eight on a list of the Ten Key Values of the party.

As it urns out, I was too quick to judge and have properly put my foot in my mouth. The Green Party (along with myself), believes that "we must consciously confront in ourselves, our organizations, and society at large, barriers such as racism and class oppression, sexism and homophobia, ageism and disability, which act to deny fair treatment and equal justice under the law." [Note: That quote was found in key value number two, or "social justice and equal opportunity."]

I'm all about equality. So, party on Green Party, party on.

Tuesday, 2002-11-05

technology quota

I haven't been fulfilling my technology quota lately. Much less, a posting quota (just check out my downward spiral in the archive). So below are two links for two very different programs. One that logs every keystroke made. And (crazy enough) one that keeps keystrokes from being logged by keystroke logging programs. Keylogging and Anti-Keylogging.

Monday, 2002-11-04

at the metro...where class is currently in session

"What did we learn in class today? ...That's right kids. Some people are close-minded. Don't be close-minded children; if you are, we as a society won't advance. Okay? I am glad every one of you agree. Except for you young man. You didn't raise your hand. That's all right. Your mindset will come back to haunt you when you escape the loving grasp of your conservative, 'let's get back to the good old days,' parents. Tell mommy what I said Little Billy. They already think I'm a Commie anyways."

Friday, 2002-11-01


This election term has been the first that I have been of an eligible age to vote. For a moment though, I was a little worried that I wouldn't actually be. I walked into the UGL to cast my vote — half-hoping they would somehow miss the fact that I am registered for Houston. They took my driver's license, swiped it on a card reader hooked to a laptop, and told me that I had to fill out a change of address request. That's it. I got to change my voting address at the precinct and vote.

I've mentioned before that we should all vote. Well, I practiced what I preached today...and I must say I am pretty proud of myself.