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Monday, 2002-11-18


My girlfriend bought me a subscription to AdBusters. Damn liberal Canadian magazines. I may be a bleeding-heart liberal (or so others often say to me in a cruel tone) but nevertheless, I can't stand Canadians. Oh well. I guess I'll give them a chance.


2005-09-21 18:06 / canadian:

Americans suck ass. Can't stand em myself. Always blowin shit up, meddling and invading other people's countries. Oh yeah, and they also don't seem to think anything outside of their mind-numbing culture is worth their time.

2005-09-21 21:04 / Jonathan Horak:

Just so we're clear, my jabs at Canadians were in jest. I appreciate our neighbors to the north and even intend to move up to Canada for a while a little later on.

Oh, and I don't like that we (Americans) meddle/invade either. Can't speak for all of my counterparts here, but I find plenty of culture outside the political boundaries of the United States enjoyable.

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