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Friday, 2002-12-06

silly aggies

Leave it to the Aggies to make fools of themselves in print. The sad part is that they will read the article that I read and not realize what the rest of the world would. In the past, they waited for a dog to arrive in College Station. Not just any dog though. This was Reveille, the highest ranking officer in the Aggie Corp. Waiting for their new coach...I respect that. Aggieland has been in a state of frenzy ever since Slocum was fired. Keep both of those thoughts in mind when you read this:

Not since the aircraft shuttling the newest Reveille rolled through Texas A&M's Easterwood Airport had the arrival of a plane been so highly anticipated.

This time there was no four-legged canine on board but a two-legged human whom the Aggie faithful are pinning their hopes on to rejuvenate the A&M football program.


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