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Saturday, 2002-12-21

in scotland

After about sixteen hours of traveling, and a couple of close calls, Gemma's family and I finally made it to Scotland. I guess really only one close call. But a pretty big one. We had intended to leave Austin Bergstrom at around 14:00 and were there on time. Only problem was that the weather in New Jersey wasn't cooperating. This wouldn't have been a problem, except for the fact that our plane to Glasgow was set for take off two hours after our arrival at Newark, if all was running smoothly.

Every minute that we were delayed only lessened our chance of making it to our second leg of the trip in time. At one point I remember thinking we actually had a chance, if we were to make a run for it in Newark International. But then all of our hopes seemed to be shot. The captain announced that we needed to wait ten minutes on our runway to correct timing issues the airport seemed to be having.

The flight went smoothly. And we thought we might possibly still have a fighting chance. If we ran. So we took off. I ran no holds barred nearly the entire way. My backpack seemed to cause my run to debilitate into a trudge, near the end. When I finally saw our gate, I couldn't believe my eyes. The plane hadn't even boarded yet!

So, enough of that. Everything was okay.

On to other transportation issues. People drive on the left side of the road! Insanity. Being a passenger in the front left hand side of the car is unreal. And seeing a passenger on the left side constantly looking out the window makes me nervous. Even though I often stopped to tell myself that she (Gemma's grandma, that is) wasn't driving.

I am butt ass tired from traveling and staying up all night to compensate for a six hour time difference. So off to bed.


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