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Sunday, 2002-12-22

a pint, uk pop, and some rain

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing a pint of Guinness. As of today, for the first time in my life, I have officially ordered draft on tap. Nevermind the fact that I had to make a fool of myself beforehand. I asked the bartender if he had a Black and Tan. Which happens to be half Bass Ale and Guinness draft. Neither myself, the bartender, the pub proprietor, or David (Gemma's dad) could remember the Bass Ale part at the time, though. Apparently we all blanked. All this is somewhat understandable. What I realized after asking the bartender about it about five times was that I was being a pushy American. I can't avoid my accent. But I have tried my best to not let my American-ness show through my actions.

On that note. I do have a point to make. Americans have a lot to learn from the rest of the world. And I have often realized this both in the states and now in the UK. Most recently at home while watching Bowling for Columbine. All this may be. But one thing is for certain. British music is horrid! I pride myself on not being culturally arrogant. So I mean this in a most serious of manner: UK's music is both silly and pointless. The number three hit today: Touch My Bum, by the Cheeky Girls. I think just saying that states my point perfectly.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that rain seems to only exist here when I am in for the night or inside a mode of transportation. Such as in the car today, or on the plane coming into Glasgow. Until I am actually being pissed on by God (as Gemma puts in politely) I refuse to believe that it actually rains in Scotland.


2002-12-22 21:56 / Olivia:

"Pissed on by God." Really, you have gone two whole days, without being pissed on by God. That is a miracle in itself. HEHE. But on a different note, I thought it always rained in Scotland. That is what Gemma always says.

2002-12-23 20:33 / Jonathan Horak:

It does "always" rain in Scotland. Or so I have been told. All I am saying is that this has yet to be proven to me.

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