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Monday, 2002-12-23

next stop: glasgow

Today I rode Scottish Rail from East Kilbride (where Gemma's grandparents live) to Glasgow. We (being Gemma, her parents, sister and I) spent most of the day walking around downtown and into various department stores. Let me tell you, there were a lot of them. At one point I decided to go on a mission to find some shoes. For some reason, I have always got the impression (mainly from men's fashion magazines) that shoes in the UK both are designed and look the best. Turns out there happens to be one problem. Scottish people are apparently small. As Gemma and her family have often pointed out. This means small shoes. Some might know that I wear a size 15. This is unheard of in Scotland. So no luck. It's a shame too. I found so many pairs that I would have been more than willing to buy.

After we had wasted quite a few hours shopping, we headed to meet up with Gemma's grandparents. Shockingly, they were late (albeit by like three minutes). We started heading down a main street with the mission of going to the first Indian restaurant we saw. That one happened to be Kama Sutra. And the food was so sensual, I mean great. Next we headed to The King's Theater to see Aladdin in pantomime format. Here's a summary of the panto we saw:

Evil Sorcerer, Abanazer, sets out to steal the magic lamp from its rightful owner, Aladdin, and use the awesome power of the Genie for his own evil ends. With the help of his barmy mammy, Widow Twankey and his dim-witted brother, Wishee Washee, can Aladdin foil the Scorcerer's wicked schemes while at the same time keeping out of the clutches of the Emperor's deadly and dumb Palace Guards?

Interesting I must say, the whole panto experience was (think Yoda).


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