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Thursday, 2002-12-26


Christmas was a success. After a couple of days of last minute shopping and wrapping the excitement of gift-giving finally hit. Sometimes it is hard to see the point of getting gifts for others. Often you end up spending roughly the same amount on those that give you gifts as you spend on them. I have had this pessimistic view for a while.

All changed yesterday morning. I woke up before gift-exchanging time with the same butterflies I went to sleep with. That adrenaline which comes before giving those you care for those things that took so much effort in finding. My problem is that I have always been very honest about gifts that I was disappointed in.

As it turns out, the gifts were often exactly what I had wanted at one point or another, and those around me took the time to notice.

This Christmas, I have been given gifts that took quite a bit of effort to pick out. If you haven't noticed, I am a wee bit difficult to shop for. To tell you the truth, I couldn't be any more ecstatic about any single one of them than I am now. The day AFTER Christmas! Boxing day.


2002-12-26 17:19 / Olivia:

So, what did you get? (I did not have enough time to ask you, when you were on the phone.) And I will agree with you: You are VERY hard to shop for. HeHe.

2002-12-29 19:19 / Jonathan Horak:

A Handspring Visor Neo, a hand-crafted chess set and ceramic mug from Prague, a vest-jacket, a mug that explains the Scottish word "fitba" and of course a ticket to Scotland from Gill and David.

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