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The Writings on the Stall

Monday, 2002-12-30


Today we headed out to Stirling (not a typo) to check out Stirling Castle. Surprisingly, it was cold and rainy when we arrived.

The site was spectacular. And like many places in Scotland, very old. [Note: I have a reputation in Gemma's family of liking all things historic. Mainly because most places in Europe, down to even brothels and whore houses, are often older than the United States.]

The views were definitely much clearer, however, than they were at Edinburgh castle. I could actually see the surrounding town. One view that particularly caught my eye was of the Wallace Monument. Found at the top of a rocky crag, the monument towers near the purported site of The Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297, which William Wallace led and won.

After touring the castle for a couple of hours, we stepped out to see something very rare in Scotland. A rainbow. Over the same Wallace Monument mentioned above. I honestly couldn't believe it. That patch of sunshine provided to be so majestic that my camera couldn't turn away. Up until the point I realized I had taken a total of around ten shots of that particular view.

After a single tear, we headed down the hill, keeping in mind the haul we would have on our way back up. We ate at a pub called "All That Jazz" which was packed when we entered, and practically empty when we left. I tried Guinness Extra Cold, which is the same as the Guinness I have had recently on several occasions. Except for the temperature of the pipes which the draft flow out of (which, you guessed it, happened to be very cold). Being a fan of very cold beer, there was much rejoicing.

We trudged back up the hill to the car and came back home. And here I am, once again very tired and ready to hit the hay.


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