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Wednesday, 2003-01-01

an unexpected form of precipitation

I have been drizzled and rained on. A couple of days ago I was pelted by sleet. But I woke this morning to something that I didn't think I was going to be lucky enough to see: snow.

At first I wasn't phased, being somewhat tired and pessimistic (only because the "snow" we have in Houston never sticks), but then I was awakened by Catherine. She told me and Gemma that the snow was sticking. I jumped up to the window to a view that I think I have seen on a postcard somewhere: houses and evergreen trees blanketed with snow.

After throwing on my clothes and grabbing my camera, Gemma and I ran outside.

A barrage of snow? What's this all about. Oh, right...Catherine. I should've known she had an ulterior motive in waking us up. This meant war. She asked for it.

David finally made it out of bed and down to walk around in the snow with us. We all headed to the park. Our mission: to make a snow man. The snow packed quite nice and easily, and we formed a snow man big enough for anyone to be proud of. Now for the fun part. Tearing it down. I lunged at the middle section (the belly of the beast) and came out sliding on the snow on the other side. Catherine took a picture mid-flight (hopefully it will turn out). Only afterwards did I think of the 3-5 second movie recording feature on David's digital camera. Hopefully it snows again tomorrow. If it does, we shall build another snow man and I will repeat my death-defying stunt.


2003-01-01 20:50 / Olivia:

Snow?! You are so lucky. :-D

2003-01-02 22:12 / Jonathan Horak:

I must say I am!

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