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Tuesday, 2003-01-14

still here

Despite all curiosity out there as to my whereabouts (I am only kidding myself) I am here. Back in Austin. After a grueling 24 some odd hours of traveling, I got home. The past two weeks have really just blown by. Probably because I have been going to bed at a decent hour. Only to wake up before 7, though.

As with school, which has started, I'm very pleased with every one of my classes. This however is subject to change. Hopefully I will do better this semester (having had my grades tank in the Fall). I'd say my outlook is pretty positive right now, because I will be taking classes that I am very interested in.

I am, however, a little nervous as to how an interview I had today went. Hopefully it went well. We'll find out tomorrow if I make the first cut.


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