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Tuesday, 2003-02-18

clinton's speech

I can't possibly explain how much I enjoyed Clinton's speech. He discussed many issues that I feel strongly about in such a manner that motivated me to both stand and applaud.

His political views — when he finally allowed them to surface — had his audience in an uproar of agreement. He, a rich white guy [paraphrased of course], firmly believes against Bush's tax cut proposal, even though he'd be a beneficiary.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've long said that I will happily give up a large sum of my wages in taxes to support others who are less fortunate [note: no longer is this just a promise. I actually am doing so]. And have felt this would be the best benefit for the economy. But a former president was voicing this opinion. Talk about validation for one's beliefs. This is why I think he received such tremendous applaud.


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