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Saturday, 2003-02-22

humble beginnings

Although the content on my blog these days isn't necessarily Bloggie worthy (and probably never has been), I still regret the majority of my first month's posts. I feel all that crap is far enough away now that I can defend myself.

I was a freshman in college.

Those posts were part of a project that I had started using Blogger. Basically, I intended to archive whatever I put into my AIM profile. Lame.

Every now and then I go back to those first posts, check them out, then cringe. Hopefully one day I'll accept them for what they were. The terrible twos of my adventure into blogging.


2003-02-23 13:42 / Olivia:

I personally liked your humble beginnings. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? :D

2003-02-24 10:13 / Jonathan Horak:

Why thank ya sis! :)

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