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Monday, 2003-02-24

standing in line at emo's

For the first time at Emo's, I waited in a line. Not only a line, but one that snaked around the back of the building. In walking past fellow concert-goers, I realized a couple of things. For one, both Gemma and I were older than most. My second realization ties directly into the first: there were a bunch of really young girls in the queue decked out in all out Avril garb. If their long dark hair and well smudged black eyeliner didn't key them off, their studded wrist bands, black thrift store capris and well worn-in Converse All Stars did. Keeping with the pattern, the third thing I realized also ties in. This was definitely a Something Corporate audience. These were the type of girls that probably wanted to take a lock of the lead singers' hair. More on this later.

As much as I pick on these girls though, it's all very ironic. Just a couple years ago, Gemma insists she would have been one of these pop-punk teeny boppers. Although she didn't rip the Avril look.

After waiting for a little while, we were finally let in. Only to wait again. This time for the doors to the main stage area to open.

At this point I was very ready to see both Something Corporate and The Juliana Theory. Not Vendetta Red screaming. Which I stood and watched only to hold a good place in the audience. After this "act" came Steel Train. They rocked the house. They had this punk / funk / emo feel (that for our purposes I'll call pfunkemo) which was unlike anything I've ever heard. And I mean that in the most positive way possible. I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't buy their EP, being cashless and all.

Next came the headliners, which I had both previously seen (albeit on separate occasions). Something Corporate — despite the Something Corporate teeny-bopper bashing above — had a first-class set. The lead singer is a total bad ass on the piano. Maybe this is why the girls swoon over him. Or, is it his sensitivity? Most likely a combination of the both. And the hair. The girls started yanking at it every time he leaned into the crowd. I've defended Something Corporate to my SXSW coworkers quite a few times (because they were close to coming to the SXSW Music Conference).

As for The Juliana Theory, I thought they sounded great, as I'd anticipated. Their new sound is familiar yet a break from what came before. Even through all my bickering, the day was a great one all in all for music (or at least for my tastes).


2003-02-26 09:43 / Olivia:

I just had to add a few of my comments, just for the heck of it. Cause the concert rocked!

1) I have to say this Gemma, why do you like the lead singer of Something Corporate so much? For me, he is a little intimidating. His hair is 10 times better then mine will ever be. :-P

2) I was up close, cause Gemma and you, don't like the front as much as I do, but I got a good view of everything, and I personally must admit, the lead singer of Something Corporate gets way too much attention, cause the guy playing the guitar *wink wink* was hott!

3) This was the first time I have ever seen "The Juliana Theory" live. I have heard one of there CDs thanks to you bro, but I was in a new atmosphere when they came on.

4) Man, for a first time, I can tell you how much I was missing. The leader singer, when he put his arms up in the air, like being on a cross, with the words "War Kills" marked on his arms, I shed a tear. Talk about a powerful message. And the music was just as powerful.

5) My last thought on the concert is this: What is better then getting the pick from the guitarist Casco? Yeah, I don't have an answer for that either. I came out again, with a guitar pick. I guess they get the vibe off me, that I am a beginner guitarist. :-D

6) Well, if you want the whole download from a girls perspective on the concert, check back at my website in a few weeks, and it will be up :-D

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