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Thursday, 2003-02-27

linux vs mac osx


An Anonymous Reader writes "According to this guy I know who works in the IT industry, Linux has recently overtaken Mac OSX on the desktop. This is so cool. I cannot believe it. When I asked him where these data come from, he pointed at his computer. His computer runs Red Hat Linux. He used to run Mac OSX on a Powerbook. But the Powerbook is no longer on his desktop, so Linux now has 100% marketshare on his desktop.

w00t w00t!

For those of you that might not understand all this, it's a satire of a geek community called Slashdot. Slashdotters tend to be huge Linux fans and would happily see the Operating System overtake OSX, or any other mainstream OS for that matter.

[One more thing: Notice that every letter in Slashdot can be found in Dashslot. Genius]


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