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Friday, 2003-03-07

weinberger's keynote

And now the posting to the past commences.

The first presentation I happened upon (or should I say, happened upon intently) was that of David Weinberger. He's the author of a book that I have considered buying and co-creator of World of Ends, which is dedicated to telling the world what the Internet really is and how it's often mistaken.

He offered ten reasons why the web still matters. A few times, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves and the popular web trends we have in the past bundled ourselves into. Like the dot-com boom. Every company seemed to offer the tag line "We deliver the right information to the right people at the right time." How about each and every one of us instead realize that the Internet offers so much more than a business card. When we link to others, we aren't saying "stay right here" any more. Instead we're letting the world know that there is more to be experienced. In providing outside links, I believe I am offering an opportunity for others to have that beautiful moment where a light bulb turns on (even if that moment is somewhere else).

If you are still interested (even after I have butchered his address) go to Heath Row's site, where he has a rough transcript.

Update: He recommended 'The Age of Spiritual Machines' by Ray Kurzweil. This mention is more for my own later reference.


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