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Saturday, 2003-03-08

panel: i, cyborg

Kevin Warwick (a.k.a. Captain Cyborg) is an interesting fellow. Author of a book I may someday read — 'I, Cyborg' — he is both charming and humorous; his wit makes him so. But what makes him interesting is his dream is to become so interwoven with technology — literally...he has already meshed flesh and metal — that he he will no longer be "mere[ly] human."

Although his goal seems to be a personal journey, it's impact will far extend this realm. David and I discussed the implications of his research and ended up discussing an uncertain future. Questions arose (the kind that makes one's brain hurt). Specifically of privacy and human evolution.

If our minds in today's age truly offer our only personal space, what happens if they no longer are personal. With regards to human evolution, will we really have evolved if technology is added to our core? Because evolution is defined as being the "result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals, and resulting in the development of new species." Then again, I am only hashing all this out with a mind of the present. Maybe I'm the limiting factor in this analytical equation.

And yeah, at one point during his presentation, I blacked out. Probably had to do something with blood and an open flesh. I am the weakest link.


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