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Saturday, 2003-03-08

panel: user not found

The very first panel I attended (full transcript here) was mediated by Dana Robinson and titled User Not Found, after her website of the same name. The topic we discussed was the death of online friends. I found myself very involved in the roundtable discussion, although in my thoughts (not out loud) actively processing the ideas being presented.

At the end, I started walking out with Gemma's dad discussing something that in the past has sparked my interest: what happens with a website when its owner dies? Is it bequeathed, as physical property is? Popular sites should be worth something, just as highly trafficked areas in the physical world are extremely valuable. We turned back around to bring the point up to Dana, but there really wasn't a solid answer to be agreed upon. We've yet to really see this become an issue.

Personally, I'll probably create a self-supporting fund that will keep another pointless up until man eventually does himself in. But what about all those who I've linked to in this weblog game. Odds are, most of my current idols in the community will pass before I do (being older than myself). Should I begin backing up the content that I've linked for the sake of posterity?


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