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Sunday, 2003-03-09

panel: internet dollars in this fucked economy

Phillip Kaplan has always been somewhat cryptic, despite all I've read about him. I think this more has to do with his write-ups at Fucked Company. They're all very short (which I know to be due to the sheer number of them he makes in a day) which make it difficult to get a read on who he really is.

After seeing him in person, though, his posts seem very fitting to his personality. He tended to be very short and to the point in most everything he had to say. And quick to change gears/focus. Needless to say I caught all this by attending only the end of his presentation. Had I been a been to the panel on time, I might actually have been able to offer a bit of insight.

Soon after the panel closed, I grabbed a copy of his book 'F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-Com Flameouts' and had him sign it. Only further supporting my geekdom. More on this purported "geekdom" to follow, I'm sure.


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