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Friday, 2003-11-14

prolonging the end of the (land) line?

Cingular has a new service that makes for the coolest cell phone feature I've yet to hear of (saw it in an ad on TV today). They call it Fast Forward. I call it convenient. One drawback: you'll still need your landline.

For $2.99 a month, your calls are forwarded — when your cell phone is plugged into an of-course proprietary adapter — to your residential/business phone. As well, you won't be charged the cost of cell-phone minutes when these calls are forwarded.

I can only envision the day when companies offer the option for an adapter that'll broadcast your cell phone connection to a receiver, that's in turn connected to one's wire based phone system. At which point, the days of running to your room when your mobile rings only to have to find it, should finally be over. As well as the future of the landline.


2003-11-15 08:25 / Chris:

hey man, cool site, i dig the colors :) keep up the good work!

2003-11-15 11:38 / Jonathan Horak:

Thanks a lot!

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