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Sunday, 2003-11-16

where's vince? although we still had a chance

Things seemed to be going pretty well in our home game against Texas Tech. But then something happened. Actually, more like nothing (for most of the fourth quarter Texas, that's us, went scoreless). All the meanwhile, Texas Tech closed in on our lead.

Then exactly what all cynical Longhorns had feared of the evening seemed to hit home. The Red Raiders jumped ahead of our score with only around two minutes left in the game. It was over. Once again Texas had unraveled, only this time the stakes were higher than they've been in some time. Prior to the game we were already in the runnings for a BCS bowl. A loss would all but destroy such a possibility.

A friend, Phat, said something in the midst of all the confusion and hysteria: "I saw those white legs and I just thought 'what the hell?'" You may need to know the background story to see why such a comment would be hilarious (even in the midst of turmoil).

Needless to say, Chance Mock (owner of said white legs) threw a 52 yard strike for Roy Williams. With that catch, we were back in it. And in this series, under a two minute warning, Texas answered with a touchdown and a two-point conversion to reclaim the lead.

Vincent Young quarterbacked very well, and he will no doubt continue to start. But Mock came in from second-string with his heart behind the very team that has sidelined him and exhibited the character he has always been made of.


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